Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the H is this?

These mystery signs are all over our neighborhood. I have NO idea what they mean but they are color coded on different papers and posted strategicly. Does anyone know what this means? ERik said he thinks it is a cactus which is supposed to remind us to conserve water. I think it is a pitchfork like the sign of the devil. Ha.
Seriously.. what does it mean?


ml said...

Before I even read the post, my first thought was a cactus, but then I thought it looked a little pitchfork-ey because it is kinda drippy.
Maybe there is some sort of race or contest and they are marking the way?

LG said...

That has crossed my mind as well, since they are color coded and all maybe they are marking some route.

grizaham said...

Cactus... Artsy way of telling the community to conserve water & be "green." :0

Scott Terry said...

Its a sign for a band called The Cactus's.

This is their myspace page

Scott Terry said...

LG said...

OMG scott! you are brilliant! i just assumed it wasnt any advertisement since it said NOTHING or offered no explanation

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