Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We Need an RV for Bonnarooski... HELP

So we are going to Bonaroo in June and unless somehow we get an RV we will have to rough it tent style.
Now, I can rough it with the best and dirtiest of the hippies, but not snugs! So we would like to rent an RV, any sort really. All RV's within 500 miles have already been rented for that week (and same event) so now we are looking for someone to rent us their personal RV! Any takers? or better suggestions?


grizaham said...

I especially want a 45 ft Holiday Rambler RV.. Thanks! But if you don't have one of those then even a pop up camper will work!! Bonnaroo!!

Super Scory said...

I'll check with my buddy Dave...sorry, totally forgot!

Marlee said...

My dad has recently completely updated a trailer he found in Gusta's backyard if you want to borrow it. I know he'd let's his most recent pride and joy creation. It just attaches to the back of a big truck and you can drag it around complete with bedroom, kitchen and sitting area. He tried to paint it hunter green and yellow for some reason but it came out kind of tealish and gold. It's niiiice.

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