Friday, April 25, 2008

The store is stocked again.

Lately, I have been in fear for my online stores, and whether or not it could make it through the summer because I am having a hard time finding things that will sell in this market. I had to downgrade some of the designers I carry and opt more toward a trendy cheaper inventory this time around, which is not as fun to buy I must admit.
We made MANY stops while in and around Atlanta and now my shelves are once again full. Hudson & J.Brand Jeans, J.Crew, Juicy Couture, Kitson L.A., Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft, Merrell etc. I will spend the next week working like mad to try and get all this stuff listed.
Deborah and did a killer inventory spreadsheet online! Hooray right?! ha
I would also like to take this time to remind everyone that I actually do have a job and work. I get a little annoyed when people act as though, my job doesn't count or I can just go and do whatever whenever. If I did that I would never make any money! Being your own boss is cool, but it comes with a TON of work since there is no marketing department, IT department, accounting department, .. etc. All there is, is ME and when ME is not working, work is not getting done and I get further and further behind every day that is missed.
What I really wish is that Susannah or Juliel were here to help me with my recent load! I need an inventory counter and hanger (susannah is really good at that and Free HA)
Anyway, Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jessica Chapman said...

is there a link to your store on the blog?

grizaham said...

great work babe!

Julie said...

I do know how to package up items real good! And I must say it is kind of exhausting...

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