Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Rules of Recycling

Upon a very heated debate between snubs and I over whether or not you can recycle a used paper towel... I thought I should do a post with the basic procedures of recycling for those who don't know.
Start with (#1) going to google and typing in your town and recycle. I said "Recycle Nashville" and I got out city site outlining what is acceptable, and when/how it is collected.
Our particular program does not offer glass recycling pick up so we have to do that separately and drop it off on our own.
Here is a clip:
Accepted Materials
Materials that can be placed in your cart include -any kind of clean, dry paper: cardboard, paperboard (cereal boxes, freezer boxes, and 12-pack soft drink boxes, but not pizza boxes), paper bags, office paper, envelopes, junk mail, catalogs, magazines and phone books.
-aluminum cans, metal food cans and plastic bottles and containers # 1-7 (remember that some materials may sit in your cart for a month, so please rinse cans first).

You can put all items in the cart together - no separation is required.

Materials not accepted in carts are glass, and soiled food containers such as pizza boxes, black plastics, plastic toys, plastic bags and clamshell plastic containers.

Materials Preparation
You can put all accepted items in your cart together - you do not have to separate any materials. Please rinse cans before putting them in your cart, as some materials may sit in your cart for a month. To maximize the use of your cart, you may want to break down all cardboard boxes, but you do not have to remove any staples from paper or plastic windows from envelopes.

So it is important to know that most items are numbered and that will tell you how to Identify your items.AND that now, most places do not require you to separate it anymore. The machines at the plant do all the separating. Once you do the research, you will see that it is much easier to recycle that you think!

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grizaham said...

Great info! I agree that one should not put used / dirty paper products into the recycling bin... long live the earth..

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