Monday, April 28, 2008

Rah to the Rah

Not much to report here lately. Kind of dull. I did make a pact with myself this week though to NOT EAT OUT, at all ( so we can save money for Italy) and to not drink anything besides water or coffee so I can shed this gut that looks scarily like a 3 month pregnancy. YIKES.
So far so good, until now. That is right, I made it all the way through ONE day before getting weak. I want to snack on something and drink a Sprite... DESPERATELY. When did I ever become such a soft drink drinker? This is all Erik's fault!
It is not helping me win this battle with my gut, that in the background is VERY loud guitar hero wars between Bro and my sickly,SO SICK ,husband. SO between that and the new "diet" I would like to bang my head into a wall at this moment.
Top all of that off with the fact that tomorrow I turn 29
Twenty Nine on the Twenty Ninth. Neat.


Julie said...

Yes, that means this is your "Golden Year"! When you turn the age of your actual birthdate. Mine was my 21st! It will be a good year!

Samantha Newcomb said...

Happy Bday Laura! Hope you have a good one and you should treat yourself...there is no way you have a gut!!

Anonymous said...

Its your Golden Birthday! HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA!!
Enjoy your day.

and p.s, you could never have a gut-thats crazy talk.

LG said...

i ALMOST posted a picture of the gut with this post so you guys would see what I am talking about but I knew it would embarss my mom/nonie so I didnt. ha
Thanks for the Bday wishes

Maggi McCoy said...

I am really hoping you have a great day! 29 on the twenty ninth. That's cool! Live it up this year!!!!

auhays said...

Happy birthday!!! We miss you guys!

Rachel Davis Cone said...

Yay!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday. See, told you 29 is a lot like 28. :) Let's hope that holds true for 30 too.

Candice Marie said...

I did a LG Birthday post on my blog, check it out!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY!!!

Lizzy said...

Happy Birthday, LG!!!! Hope it is AUsome (totally stole that from your Hubs)

Cary said...

That's where all the anxiety is coming from.............."the big 29!" I hope your birthday has been WONDERFUL!!! You are!! Hugs and kisses to ya!

lewis said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Laura
Happy Birthday to you

I hope your day is special and full o' fun!

ml said...

Happy Birthday! You can't diet on your birthday. Have fun!

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