Monday, April 14, 2008

The Preds are in the Playoffs!

Last Night was a Playoff Game for the Preds against the Detroit Red Wings. It was an awesome game (we won) and probably the best hockey game I have ever been to! Steven (BRO) Graham was pretty excited too. Here is what he had to say about it in a follow up email:

Just watching the end of the Preds and Wings game. The Predators mount an AMAZING comeback and make a series in what may have been the most exciting game in their brief history...
I was there this summer when the whole franchise was in doubt....And on that day, thousands of season tickets were sold, and I am quite sure that many of those who put their money out to save the franchise were there tonight and are leaving without ANY doubt that it was money well spent.
The Predators were down 3-2 with 4 minutes left and then scored 2 goals in 9 seconds, added and empty netter and took down the top team in the NHL.
This is the kind of game that not only brings the Preds back into this series but cements hockey into the souls of kids from 5 to 75 in middle Tennessee tonight.

one of the best games I have ever seen!!!!

Go preds!!!!!

Never lose faith in your team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Flags on all the poles!
Party on the concourse before the game.
VINCE GILL sang the anthem!

And my favorite hockey fan! Calen was a little late last night because he was starring in a school play where he was a wolf and his line was " eat up those piggies" or something like that. ha


Lindsey said...

Calen is the cutest fan:)

grizaham said...

Man i love HOCKEY and the PREDS! For copyright issues: bro did not write that. He copied that from Eklung the NHL blogger.

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