Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Perhaps We'll all just move to a compound!

So, this morning we left Susannah and "Present's" house and headed all over the ATL on errands. Then we went to Emily & Kevin's house to finally see Miss Kirkland! It was a fun afternoon where Emily pretended that I was into marathon walks with a stroller and I ended up limping with a big blister on my toe! ha But seriously we walked like 2 miles with Belle (the dogchild) and Kirkland (the human child) in tow. It was fun and afterward Erik left for a Braves Game with Lu and Steve (lu's brother). I stayed at Emily' s and we got all caught up. It was a great time where she told me all about what it's like to be a mom and stuff. Her baby is a very good and smiley baby. Erik is kind of in love with her! Knowing us though, we wont have that sweet smiley baby. We will have the sassy, "you're not the boss of me" baby who screams to watch Star Wars from the crib. HA
In all seriousness though, Emily and I talked about how our master plan is to get us all together (us girls from college) and live like " Big Love" on a big plot of land with all our families (minus the polygamy) and I think it would be so fabulous!
Being around Susannah so much lately makes me want to cry when I leave her! and seeing Emily like that for the first time in months, makes me miss my girls so much! We are an interesting bunch, us 5 girls from the AU. All first borns and all children with parents who are still married. Unique friendships, sealed in time, that I am not sure I could live without! This trip, has been particularly surreal because I still feel like I will ....any minute now, walk across that hallway in the dorm, plop into a big green papazon chair to watch Young and the Restless while begging one of them to drive me to class. Instead, I am sittin in their completely furnished grown up living rooms, holding their children.. wondering.. when did this happen? When did we all just grow up?
To bring this all full circle, my sister in law Juliel, is in NYC right now, with our other college Girlfriend Brooke having cocktails at the "Pourhouse" where all the "Real Housewives of NYC" where having dinner. I absolutely love that my sis is spending time with one of my college BFF's.
Below I am, holding Emily's daughter Kirkland, who true to her momma is a happy go lucky, always smiling baby. you can just kind of take her anywhere b/c she is so easy going. She did NOT however, like Erik very much.First kid, in all of America who didnt like him. But the KiKi loved her crazy Auntee Laura!

Erik and I both have had a great time seeing all my girlfriends and staying with their families! Thanks everyone for having us and being so awesome!! Love you!


Lindsey said...

Oh Laura! I know what you mean. I turned the big 30 Friday and I had a mini break down. I still feel like I should be 20. I mean, I am completely and totally in love with my life right now....the time is flying by! I am so glad you are enjoying your time together:)

grizaham said...

Yeah i think about that all the time. My good friends live in Tampa, the AU, The HAM, wisconsin, NC, arkansas.. And my sis in NYC. Just wish we could all live close but those odds are low. Also wish Nash had an MLB team cause that Braves game was sooooo sweeeet!! GO BRAVES! haha

Marty said...

and one of these decades you'll make it down to Florida. Guess i'll have to get married or something monumental.

Kyle said...

I hear you on the compound. I used to have conversations with Marshall about having all of us on a large plot of land, each with our own houses and plenty of fun stuff to do. Mainly a pond for fishing and plenty of room to shoot guns and ride four wheelers. If you had a few too many at a friends house, you wouldn't have to worry about getting pulled over b/c you would never leave the private land. Good stuff I tell you. Don't drink and drive.

grizaham said...

aww Marty we are coming down there I promise!

Lindsey my 29th is right around the corner! perhaps that is no coincidence with this post!

Kp as always you are right on target!

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