Saturday, April 12, 2008

No One Wants to Hear This.... But

It must be said. I hate hearing/seeing/reading sad doggie stories. It is just so sad but I got an email from Lauren Coffey yesterday about this AWFUL thing happening in the art world

Some guy has put a dog on a leash in an art gallery and is starving him literally to death and calling it art. People come in there day after day to see this emaciated dog and his journey towards death. Is that not the SICKEST thing you have EVER heard? Who does that, even worse gets paid by others to do that... UGH

and on a whole other level it has been established that people who show such cruelty to animals can become just as dangerous to humans.Infact that is what starts off the career of some serial killers... so think on that.

You can read more on this website and you can PLEASE sign the petition to stop this man
by clicking here!


Lindsey said...

that is so terribly sad.

Cary said...

That is the saddest thing ever!

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