Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Music.. The Flobots

Cute name right? Good music too. Its a band out of Denver who is starting to get big all of a sudden. If you mash up Rage, with Eminem, and the clueless soundtrack(ska) & Linkin Park then you get the Flobots. Song to Download? Handlebars.
Click that link for some free samplin.

No surprise here that I love Jason Mraz's new stuff. I say stuff cause the official album hasnt been released yet but the EP's have. "We dance" & "We Sing". I feel like its his best stuff yet. Lyrically and Musically. See for yourself HERE.

On the advice of Mississippi Candice & a few others I did get the new Jack Johnson "Sleeping through the Static" and I love it too.

So Lizzy/Jessidesign/Hays... someone needs to burn me some Shins Cd's! I think I like them!


grizaham said...

Mraz rules... Others bands of interest are vampire weekend, mgmt and ludo.. whatever.. ;)

auhays said...

I'm a fan of the Shins, but don't know much more than their "hits". Check out "New Slang" and "Phantom Limb". I like those, good songs to drive around to! Actually, if you don't have it, you should get the Garden State soundtrack

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