Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A New Iphone? 3G you say?

There are rumors everywhere (some you can read here) implying that the NEW iphone will be out late June.
A few things in June of note: The Apple World Wide Developers Conference (great time to debut a new iphone ) & the big tax refund.
The New iphone is rumored to have greater memory, 3G speed and GPS, thinner housing, and prettier packaging. Maybe even a 32Gig model! HOORAY
Although I haven't read this anywhere, I am hoping/predicting that the new Iphone will have a removable battery. IMO- that is the biggest design flaw with this current model. Since June marks the launching of their big Microsoft Exchange compatibility, and delve into the corporate world they will need a battery that can hang. We shall see how that is addressed if it is addressed at all.

The other new thing is the Nike/Ipod combo that has been around for a few years now is gonna finally be compatible with all ipod models, not just the nano. Basically it a trinket and a plug in. The trinket goes in your shoe (you must calibrate it) then the plug in goes into whatever model Ipod/iphone you have. IT then measures your distance , calories burned and things of that nature. You can take your plug in out of the ipod and (the new one will be of a USB nature) so you can plug it straight into your computer like a flash drive and transfer your data to your nike page. This is great for people training for marathons or in any sort of competition or contest amongst friends and coworkers.
The new one launches May 1st for around $60. I really hope they make some cuter shoes so my snubs can get a pair. He loves (for unknown reasons) to run! He has been running like 3 or 4 miles a day and always listens to his iphone while doing so, and this contraption would prevent him from havingf to drive around in his car to measure his distance after running!


grizaham said...

Dude.. Really looking forward to that Nike / Iphone running counter thingy.. I love stats.. Now i can love my own stats.. War Iphone..

Caroline's Mom said...

I LOVE my Nike/iPod combo! I have had it for awhile and have used it so much! I love how it tells you the distance you run!

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