Thursday, April 17, 2008

My New Credentials

Recently, I was telling Julie/Grum/Erik about how I am left out as one of the few family members with no special initials behind my name. They are all RN's , Lisa has a teacher something behind her name, my dad has lots of insurance ones... Granpa, louie, Jennifer... They all have them! just me with a plain name...
SO Julie made me up some new initials :

Laura C. Graham, EBM, iPG (i-Product Guru)
(the EBM is Ebay Master) ha

So from here on out, you guys make sure to put those on the back of my name whenever you write it ...LG/EBM/iPG
Just kiddin


grizaham said...

Cute babe! You do know your way around a computer..

Lindsey said...

Love it! Now I'm jealous and I'm needing some initials....I'll be thinking on that:)

Julie said...

Honestly! Every time I have a i-Product problem, you fix it or give me an exact link to the answer when I have been searching forever and haven't found anything. You have lots of special talents!

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