Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My 29th Birthday

This one really cracked me up! From the guy that sold us our car!

Thanks to EVERYONE who remembered and sent well wishes! So sweet of you guys!
I got E-Cards from Caro Pauley, Lisa, Juliel, Marshall Lewis &John Brandt!
Emails from Mom & Dad, Sara Ussery, Brooke, Jessica Stuckey, Rachel, BD, Maggi, Grum, Lu, Julie Bray, Heather, Julie G, Rebecca Kelton,Marty, Jasmine, Alan Pulfrey,Millie, PKN, Jennifer Graham, Gmoney,Celeste, Hotdog, Marti
Phone calls from Mom & Dad, Deborah, Matt, Scott,PaPa, The Chapmans, & Linzy,
Texts from Tonya, Sarah, Marshall, my bro, Courtney, Deblasio,
Some licks from Ralphie
Real Cards from Lori Wasden Walker!,
A Blog Post on Mississippi Cadice

We finished the night off with dinner and margaritas at Rosepepper. Wooten, Grum & Lisa, CoCo, The Grouts and I.
It was super fun. Thanks to everyone for being so thouughtful!


Super Scory said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I didn't make it for drinks, but I will make it up to ya! Hope you had a good one!!

Candice Marie said...

Uh, what about my blog post!?

Rachel Davis Cone said...

Hope it was a blast.

Courtney said...

happy belated birthday!!

Kyle said...

I sent you an e-card as well but probably to the wrong address. Hapyy Birthday!

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