Friday, April 18, 2008

Late Night Dramaz

So last night, I was up late working. I went to bed around 2am and was very unhappily awoken with Ralphie going ABSOLUTELY nuts. He was acting as if someone was in the house.. that kind of barking/growling. Ralphie is like the MOST FIERCE protector you have ever met. He even protects me from Erik! ha so It scared me so bad I couldnt get back to sleep for hours. This morning when Erik comes home he tells me there was an earthquake! That was why Ralphie was so upset! He didn't know what the heckle was going on. I can tell you he
So I have no idea what it felt like b/c I was asleep when it started and scared for my life when I woke up to the barkingness.
Here it is in the news if you wanna read
Ralphie is currently catching up on his beauty rest right now (even though he INSISTED that I not sleep in this morning)... little jerkdog!


grizaham said...

Earthquake! Its a conspiracty theory~!

Anonymous said...

Mo knew it was coming fo sho! He was acting strangely before we went to bed and then got up next to my head in bed when it happened. I however, slept through the whole thing! Amy

Super Scory said...

I felt it too....Ophelia started growling like she was going to bite the earthquake. :)

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