Sunday, April 20, 2008

It was a Stevie Kind of Weekend.

We spent this weekend with Stevie (our nephew). It has been months since we had him overnight and so we had a full weekend. He had his first GH experience. He LOVES all video games and this one was no different.
We basically had a marathon Friday night and he fell asleep like this awaiting his turn. Flossie got tired of waiting for her turn as well. :)
Then Saturday we did a little shopping for Summer Clothes and got a haircut. He had some Erik hair when he arrived and we got it shaped up a bit. Funny thing is, since Erik and I both get our haircut from Matt, I hadn't tried any places around here.... till Saturday. The first place we went in had tinted windows, so I didn't know at the time, they don't do white boys hair. I think everyone in there busted out laughing when we walked in! But they were super nice and directed us to a barber shop next door, which we promptly left because I could that guy was ready to break out the sheers and we wanted a more cultivated style than that. Long searching led us to the mall. There was a guy in there who could speak no English but was trying to convey what kind of haircut he wanted.. quite entertaining.

Cool new haircut was a success. It was strange how much I had forgotten about Stevie since seeing him last, and one of those things was his memory. He remembers EVERYTHING about the Grahams, which is really sweet, and really hard for me to hear. I spend 90% of my days trying to not think about things that make me sad. Hearing him describe things they did together is even more hard than normal thoughts because when he tells those stories you can hear how they loved him and its pretty touching, and a vivid reminder of how much we have lost.
We totally ran into Uncle Louie & Andrea in the mall too and had a good visit with them. Then Sunday we finished up our weekend with a Preds Playoff game, which sadly we lost.

Today, The Grizas are off on an Atlanta road trip to see Susannah & Present, Emily, Kevin & Kirkland, and Luball! No worries though! We will blog from the road!


grizaham said...

Nice pic of steve and boss taking a nap. Glad lil bro enjoyed the couch.. A little too much if you ask me! ;)

grizaham said...

Also, i think the huge child molester picture in the Haircut picture is super rad... That must be a nice salon...

Jessica Chapman said...

sweet post lg :)

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