Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing Friend Feed

Friend Feed is a cool new networking site that I am trying out currently. Above is a screen shot of my account. Basically it takes all of your online programs (Picasa, Flicker, Blogs, digg, etc) and combines them into one page so you can take a one glance update. You can see a page of just your info, or a page with your friends info or everyone's info. I emailed an invitation to a few peeps I thought might actually get he concept and enjoy it but anyone can sign up at www.friendfeed.com
If anyone tries it out , tell me what you think about it!


Anonymous said...

Hey LG! Greg Dunaway here. I left a few comments on some of your blogs tonight and while browsing I have finally connected the dots on how I know you. I saw a picture of Brooke Haney and I was like.. wholly crap. Emily Jones roomed with that girl (dont know if Emily is married, so that may be her maiden name ) and we used to hang out together sometimes with you. I actually stayed with Brook at her house in Tampa ( I think, or Sarasota ) for New Years one time. I TOTALLY lost touch with those girls and I would LOVE to get back in touch. PLEASE let me know if I have connected the dots correctly. Email me : kamots02@yahoo.com

Rachel Davis said...

Hey - email me pictures!! I want to see what you shot at the wedding! - Rachel

grizaham said...

Marshall and Sarah would love this site!! haah :0

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