Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Our Uber Cool Neighborhood celebrated Earth Day all weekend! Saturday was a bit of a block party and a neato jazz/hip hop band (Biscuits and Gravy Band) at the Record Store ! I was at IDOW (I dream of Weenie) ordering us our typical weenie lunch while I filmed that clip ! This day I got the "Rebel Yelp" dog which involves "Chow-Chow" . I only know this exists thanks to Kpizzle but I am still unclear of what it actually is. Like some veggies sliced up and soaked in vinegar I think? with Hot sauce? ha I have no idea. KP please comment with the correct answer.


grizaham said...

So i have thought my entire life that Earth Day was April 20th every year.. Crazy... War Earth!

Kyle said...

Ah yes, chow chow. Chow chow is a combination of hot and sweet and mild peppers that are chopped up very fine in a food processor and then cooked in vinegar and then canned in mason jars. I will ask my grandmother exactly what they are cooked in besides vinegar, but I know that is the main thing. Great on hot dogs or brats, also good on white beans or basically, any bean for that matter. Also, and most importantly, it is used on peanut butter and chow chow sandwiches, which Erik will be proud to know that I had two of them just a couple of weeks ago. I thought about you sir, very hard. I know that sounds disgusting, but that usually means that they are magnificent, which is very much the case in this matter.

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