Monday, April 14, 2008

Granpa's Corner: Immigration Language

I read an article in the local paper "illegal immigrants in prison may be deported". In the article "illegal immigrants" appeared seven times.

An immigrant is a person who is allowed to make a home in the United States if that person has met the requirements of the United States to become an immigrant. This is a legal regulation and an immigrant is legally within the United States. One must conclude that there can be no such thing as an "illegal immigrant". Anyone, including immigrants, can perform illegal acts but it is the actions that are illegal.

We have millions of citizens of a foreign nation that have invaded and now occupy our nation. Why do people keep referring to these persons as "illegal immigrants'? Clearly this is a massive migration from one nation to another without regard for the border or established laws. Why would the federal government of a nation fail to defend its borders? Perhaps one could begin to study NAFTA and SPP. Why would a federal government want to defend its borders when by its agreements it may intend to allow free access to whomever wants to enter the country?

Local communities are having to deal with the realities of coping with migrants in their midst. Migrants that do not speak English, migrants that do not want to assimilate into our society but insist that we assimilate into their society. There are a host of other problems this invasion causes.

One of the objectives of a nation's immigration regulations is, or should be, to regulate both the QUALITY and the QUANTITY of immigrants that we can reasonable assimilate into our society.

Interestingly local, state and federal regulators insist on writing the regulations dealing with "illegal immigration" and "illegal immigrants". Suppose, for instance, that the federal government grants these migrants citizenship. All of the regulations dealing with "illegal immigrants" and "illegal immigration" could become useless. Why not propose regulations dealing with migrants? Not illegal migrants, just migrants. This brings up an interesting array of possibilities in defining what is required to be or not to be a migrant.

I find it interesting that I have not received a single reply to the letters I have sent to politicians in various areas of the country suggesting the above possibilities when writing legislation. However, I am bringing it up for your consideration. I hope you find it useful in your thinking.

Granpa Graham

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