Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Friends in the News

In BIRMINGHAM WEEKLY I saw pics of 2 friends! Hooray! Matt and Mel (susannah's cousin!) Mel are you still readin? Holla girl. These were great pics of both of you guys!


Cary said...

Cool!! That's my niece and I didn't even know she was famous!!
That sure is a great picture of her!

LG said...

Ha! I thought it was a great pic too!

Julie Bray said...

I get my hair cut at Santuary by Shaun- he's in the pic with Mel! I don't know Mel but i see her there all the time.

grizaham said...

Great picture Matt!! :)

mel said...

you are awesome dude! thanks for the PR! im just trying to make a living, and by the way, that shoot that we did was so much fun!!! and, yes, i am still reading!

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