Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flea Market & Parents Weekend!

My parents were up for a visit this weekend and as usual there was not a dull moment! We spent Friday afternoon unloading the LAST of our furniture (thanks mom and dad for delivering that!) then we went to the Flea Market for a sneak preview and dinner at Rosepepper! Then home to weed our flowerbeds. I have blisters on 2 fingers but my mom is ready for more!
Saturday, we started out early. Lets just say that when I awoke before 8am (on a dang SATURDAY!) they were already up, showered, dressed and had cooked breakfast! Now that's impressive. I worked in my office for a bit and mom and dad finished planting lots of pretty flowers in our side flowerbed. Pictures of that to come. Then we went to the Flea Market for round 2! They love it there as much as I do! Dad gave me a Benjamin for Birthday fun (super cool), then it was off to Opry Mills where I got snugs some new running shoes and then home again for more yard work. We polished that off with dinner at Batterd N Fried with The Hindman's !
So if you don't live here you don't know that we did some MAJAH (thanks LCD) driving this weekend
Below are my Flea Market Trinkets:
Breathe Right Strips (ha)
Handmade Vegetable Soap
Tiebacks for the Living room curtains

Tiebacks close up
Coasters made of neat stones in oranges for the Living room.
Vegetables. We got beans, okra, tomatoes, potatoes & onions too!
wind chime! I have been wanting one forever. Its like an unspoken initiation to this neighborhood. "Must have 20 colorful windchimes to be in the In crowd"
I also got an old LV bag for $10! Some more old bottles for our bottle tree and antique door hardware. Good times. Now I am T.I.R.E.D!!


grizaham said...

Great items at the Flea Market! And what a great job your parents did! Thanks SOOOOO much for bringing up our furniture and for planting all those things! And for "fixing" our lights! haha

LG said...

Ha I forgot about the lights! I should have blogged that!

auhays said...

Flea markets are fun! ML loathes wind chimes...I've never figured out why?

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