Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Time to a Dog Park!

Today was our 1st EVER trip to a dogpark, because dummy that I am, I never knew "Dogpark = fenced in area where you go leash less".. ha so once I realized this, I was all about it. My doggles have LOTS of energy and LOVE to race so off we went. Right when you get there all the other dogs come to greet you. This really scared Ralphie, while Flossie flirted with every boy around. They made some small friends immediately. See Below (lots of but sniffing )

Watch this video for 9 secs and see the FASTEST dogs on the planet!


Jessica Chapman said...

elvis wants to go there!

Anonymous said...

YAY! We love the dog park! We go to one in Franklin with playground equipment and stuff...Jack is a pro at the jungle gym and tunnels! It really wears him out though! Jill

Anonymous said...

We go there often when it's pretty! Mo only can handle about 30minutes of running/playing/sniffing, and then he is done and goes and stands next to the gate, like "Mom I am ready to go!" I love it because it wears him out and he loves it because there are dogs to play with! He is the hit of the park when he bays though, he is such a show off coonhound! We will have to go sometime together! Amy

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