Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eco Challenge this Week: No MORE PLASTIC BAGS!

SO today we have a fun project! How to store and recycle the kazillions of plastic bags you get in a week. Sus was here and we were chatting about this and she doesnt really re-use her bags, I think because she forgets so here is a great idea.
Take an Empty Tissue box, stuff it with all those plastic grocery bags, and keep it in your car. That cuts down on the mess and makes sure you are always prepared.
This picture is a little shocking, but brings the problem to light. The woman who wrote a blog to accompany it was very interesting. She is writing from Korea. Click that link below to read what she has to say.

Chillin' in Jeju, Korea: Drop the plastic bag!


Cary said...

Great idea about the tissue box! Will try that!

Andrea said...

We always reuse our bags! On Target's plastic bags they print a list of ways to reuse them....

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am so glad to see this post! I know its easy to forget, but I too put the bags in my car so I don't forget! It really is a good solution. As soon as I put all the stuff away I take the bags to the car! We are luck here in BC the
G-store gave out free reusable bags to any purchase over 50$! I have a ton! Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

After Thought!

Something else to think about... bring your own "designer" mall bag when you plan to go shopping! OK it doesn't have to be designer, I myself use the G-store reusable bag! Whatever is good for you! Sorry to keep going hit a topic that is one of my soap box favorites! :~)


Julie said...

So here in New York I LOVE to re-use these plastic bags to put my umbrella in when it's raining. Because of course, we walk everywhere. Then I get to my destination and I put my wet umbrella in the plastic bag and put it in my purse and nothing gets soaked! Plus I don't leave my umbrella under the chair and get the floor all wet, etc. It's genius, right?

On a sidenote, I enjoy the smaller font much better.

kristicpoltrack said...

I love the recycling notes. I have just started recycling (hey, better late than never, right?)So any info helps me keep it up. I have begun taking my extra plastic grocery/target, etc. bags back to the grocery store...our Publix has bins outside for recycling those.

Lindsey said...

Love your recycling ideas. The past few weeks we have been recycling all our plastic water bottles. Yikes! I was shocked at how many we had.

Caroline said...

I've been using those for years in the car. Hang em over your stick shift to make an easily accessible gargage bin. Also, KP and I have one of those silver hangers that you stuff em into. When EeeeeeSampson! litter is due for cleaning the bags make for excellent mini bags to go straight to the dump. Very good for the land mines that are left by doggles too!

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