Monday, April 28, 2008

Because When Husbands catch the "Man Cold"...

Tooooo sick to move, fetch their own cokes, take out the trash, walk dogs, pick up after themselves... or basically anything.... there is always guitar hero with bro to ease the pain and suffering.

because when i left the room to go to my office and work that sickly husband was on the couch moaning about his sickness (complete with convulsing and hallucinations)and lack of energy and was completely helpless.. but an hour or so later when I snuck around the corner with my camera.... this is what I found. Guitar Hero. Its a miracle healer I tell ya.


Julie said...

Men are the WORST when they are sick!

auhays said...

Erik is not the only one! The first time I played GH3, I had hallucinations for like 5 minutes afterward and broke out in a cold sweat! I am not kidding, scary stuff. That game is going to result in major seizures...mark my words!

Lindsey said...

Wait til they get the "Man Cold" and you have kids....IT GETS WORSE:)

Thankfully my dear Michael is rarely sick! Whew! Thank goodness for small favors. Hope he feels better soon!!!!!

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