Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol: The Review

We are watching Idol tonight with the Grouts. On time for a change. I like the 2 song drama. Erik wants to know what the AC is all about on David Cook.. he cant let it go. Jennifer and I both want David to win and the boys hate him!
Brooke.. gag me. Puh-lease. Seriously. She is too sassy and too over confident, and a terrible dresser. Yikes. I know that Matt, Scott & millie know my love of EVITA from our Lyrical nights but last week when Brooke butchered my Evita song.. I was like OH GOD! Please send her home already!
Seyesha, who I have never really loved, I started pulling for her last week. She does great with musicals and I have started liking her a lot more in the last 2 weeks.
You know what REALLY irks me though? That these kids DONT know these classic songs. How can you claim to love music and not KNOW classic songs like Niel Diamond or Musical Soundtracks or Dolly Pardon? It's unbelieveable to me that they dont know these songs so no wonder they cant sing them with conviction...
So one BIG plus for American Idol is that all the young kids watching are hearing all these older songs. I cant imagine a generation who only knows Britney Spears by heart. UGH
It was kinda hilarious when Paula starting judging that dude for 2 songs when he had only sung once though.. wonder what kind of drug regime she is on?
Anyway who do you guys think is going home? I am sure its Seyesha but I wish it were Brooke!


jenn said...

Seyesha is SO boring. I keep saying that she is too good, but it's gotta hurt when the judges keep sending her straight to Broadway (althoguh there's nothing bad about that)!
I think that Brooke is going home. She's a freakin' mess.

Andrea said...

Brooke should definitely go home this week! The AC stands for Adam Cook, David's brother. They are really close and Adam is battling brain cancer. That's why it was such a big deal that he got to come to the show last week (I think it was last week...)

LG said...

Excellent info andrea! Thanks!

CBC says "Dreads has gotta go" but I love him!

auhays said...

I liked Brooke as a human being because she showed she could screw up and keep pushing through, but musically she lost it about halfway through the competition. Archuleta should be in elementary school musicals! He stinks!

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