Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol Gives Back..

Great show! AS usual I am a day or so late in my Idol Watchings but we finally fit it in after some Hockey Games tonight! I loved the Rhianna Song Opener with all the peeps from "So you think you can Dance". That was a GREAT idea to include them!
And then they brought on the Snoop! I love me some Snoop. Those little kids were so cute! Charlie Wilson should have thought twice about those jeans though! For reals.
Terri Hatcher.. sings? Hmm Well she was brave to do Karaoke on that stage! I will say that.
LOVED The Fergie/Heart Performance. Kinda makes me want to see Fergie in concert now, plus she sings my Dog child's theme song "Glamorous".
Totally bought that Carrie Underwood Song. I thought it was great..and convicting. Also love the Gloria Estefan. Haven't seen her since 5th grade.
Miley Cyrus was kind of weird with her dance moves... and being 14! Yikles manikles.
I am so impressed though at how many celebs took time out to do the show.
So now on to tonights show... Kristy Lee Cook needs for serious some lessons in style. Week after week she is dressed so TACKY with those tacky nails to match.
I'm 99.9% sure that Jordin Sparks wants to make out with Chris Brown! ha
I am SOOOOOOOOOOO Sad about Michael Johns getting eliminated. WHAT? He is one of my favs. How did this happen? Ugh super sad.


SarahL said...

Don't get me started on Michael Johns leaving. I can not believe Kristy Lee Cook was in the top five and he went home!

Anonymous said...

I am DUMBFOUNDED at the fact that Michael Johns went home! OVER KRISTY LEE COOK,Homegirl has been hanging on by a thread for the last 5 eliminations! Im truely convinced that its due to the teeny boppers that vote, not knowing true musical talent. I feel so sorry for M.Johns, he's very genuine.
And the media's big question about Miley Cyrus: "Why does she look 25,when she's only 15"?? yikes is right!

LG said...

See I know! Who can believe that he would go home? He was such an ideal contestant, so excited and nice and genuinely giving it his all even in those goofy numbers at the beginning of the show when they all have to sing together. He seemed so thankful to be there and he was CUTE ha so this is just a terrible disappointment.

grizaham said...

Good looks (supposedly) is for America's Next Top Model so hopefully he will have luck on that show... Truth is that fella had zero singing talent. America got it right! Kristi Lee is the Tru Idol!!! Archuleta is next!!

ml said...

If Archuleta wins, Erik should be forced to put video on the blog of his impressions.

Caroline said...

Ok. So, hello Gloria Estefan. But seriously that song annoys the you know what out of me. Probably because that is like the only song anyone knows her for.
Also, Miley's new name is Britney Jr. or Miley Spears. She is doomed since she did the whole going down on her knees all sexual like Britney did when she started. Mount Sinai your mental case will be there shortly.

Aiden's Mommy said...

I totally agree with you about the Miley Cyrus dance moves! Totally not cool! She has children, like my niece who is 5 that adore her. I don't want to see my neice dancing like that at 5 years old! and Teri Hatcher doesn't need to do that again, I was not impressed. I kept waiting for Carrie to come out and take it away from her. All the celebs participating was great! Props to them for doing something worthwhile!

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