Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's with Today, Today?

Well today has been interesting. It started with a very early reporting to the Bwood home for a cleaning day and alarm installment. As I am sure you already know, the alarm peeps had a different price when they showed up which was conveniently about $75 more than we agreed, and then he had trouble communicating as well.. which was weird.. but anyway ... all that then Deborah came over and hung with us while we scarfed down some pizzas. RalphEYE has been missing her.
I ran some errands, which by the way, Old Navy has the cutest Spring line up I have ever seen them carry. Very good stuff , great colors, and great shoes and handbags of real leather. You should def check it out!
Then I read a really fascinating article (thanks MP) Called "Marry Him" .. it is very long but VERY interesting and IMO true.
Let's see... Next up.. Snoop Dog's new album came out Tues. It is really good, the whole thing and very different. He even does a Country song ! I absolutely love him, as a person, musician , actor. He is very funny. Lizzy I know you watch his show... do you love him too?
Oh, here is some big news! Nubs took a coat hanger and jammed it down the shower drain tonight and shuffled it around and then all of a sudden the water began draining. Hooray Nubbles! (it was my idea!)
I have spent a lot of time today hacking my iphone. No need really, because SDK release means in June it will all be available, but I had to get a head start! So I went to Ziphone, and read up(and downloaded) the neccesary tools. Its one step, so really easy and now I have lots of fun 3rd party Applications! If you are interested feel free to ask and i will elaborate but I know not everyone needs that info. Reading all that broken English is pretty fun though.
Well, I must go to bed now. I am working on reversing my schedule back to normal hours. I dont know how Snubbs can go back and forth the way he does! We plan to get up early tomorrow morning and rip up the whole back yard and even out it for some nice pretty grass blades. Wait for the pictures... I am sure they will be entertaining.

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Marty said...

I finally got props for something! yay!! I'm going to Hawaii!

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