Friday, March 7, 2008

TJMAXX Funday!

So today I went to the best TJMAXX in the world over in Brentwood! I had a HUGE time. I got alot of stuff for my website and some stuff for me too! I have been wanting a pair of well fitting skinny jeans for about 2 years... and today I just happened to find some PAIGE skinny jeans in just my size! Here I am modeling them for you all.
And my Sassy new MKors Shoes also a great deal! Very excited about these 2 items!
And then, as I originally set out to but pillows, I went over there and found nothing! But these Chocolate Felt Pillows were on clearance for $3 so I got a few that will do for now, and when I find my fabric for couch pillows, i will just take the pillowcase off these and use the inserts!
Oh, and Knitting Witch, I also picked you up a special surprise in the $3 clearance aisle and will be mailing it to you shortly... Now spend the next 3 days trying to figure out what it could be! ha

Oh and PS .. we are getting some MAJOR snow right now! I am so excited! Its beautiful when it snows here! Pictures to be posted tomorrow, as it is supposed to snow all night! Hooray!!


Courtney said...

very exciting stuff!!! i hate i missed out on the trip!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you found Paige jeans at TJMaxx and skinny ones at that. I am so jealous! I never have any luck for clothes there! Amy

grizaham said...

Me either! The snow is definately cool!

LG said...

Then you should Def go to the Bwood TJMAXX they carry better brands than any one I have ever been to!

Jessica Chapman said...

love those shoes, need some!!!

Samantha Newcomb said...

Its snowing in Auburn too and I just ran a 10K in it! What was I thinking!!

Knitting Witch said...

Woohooo!!! I can't wait to see my surprise!

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