Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Tillery It Is!!

I would like to say Thank you to everyone who helped with cool wesbites for shopping! Rach I especially loved that one you sent with the cool ottomans, and down the road I may just have to get one! I have never heard of that place! JessiDesign had tons of places! Thank You guys!
So, after alot of debate and stuff. I went to West Elm to pick up our mirrors and while in there took a look at the Sofas. The Tillary has been purchased and here is why:
- They have all their furniture IN STOCK, in all colors. What a Novel Idea...
- It had the right look and measurements
- Priced well
- Its very versatile! Each section is the size of a twin bed so you can take the backs off and cover it with sheets if you need to for more guests! Also the backs can be moved around to accomodate many styled and arrangements for this sofa. The sales lady Gabby and I did a full run through. She was a good sales girl full of useful info and very helpful!
It will be here TOMORROW! oh yes that is correct! and when it gets here I will take pictures of it in the 100 ways it can be used.
Today, as soon as I can tear Erik away from his cursed Caulk Gun (that is all he ever wants to do, is go around caulking stuff. arrrhggg) then we shall tackle the Living Room, and begin painting the orange wall!

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