Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Symbaloo... It's Good Stuff

This above is a screen shot of my personal Symbaloo. I have talked about this before, but apparently it missed the radar as many people have expressed interest since then when they see my home page.
What it is, basically, is a home page full of bookmarks, that you select yourself. Mine is mostly blogs. you can see the top row is sites that I go to every day like bank, ebay, etc.. then all those orange and white ones are blogs. .that way i can just go down the row and check everyone's bloggle. Snugs also logs into my account when he is at work so he can read blogs etc. Anyway if you go to Symbaloo and sign up its free, and its a great way to have your bookmarks readily available no matter what computer you are using.


grizaham said...

symbaloo is a totally cool way to keep up with your friends blogs... blogs4eva..

Lindsey said...

that's right erik...blogs4eva!

i'm going to def check out this site. coolio!!!

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