Saturday, March 1, 2008


Dear American Idol Producers,
Something is terribly wrong with your "stylist". Perhaps she is ill and needs a vacation, or perhaps her budget is too low to purchase cute clothes or fashion magazines. Please make sure she watches all the shows of this past week so that he/she can see what we are all seeing (and gagging over).

Thank you!
lg & ralphie


grizaham said...

Go Dave Archuleta!

auhays said...

I agree! I've worn the same style of clothes since high school, and I'm looking better than those clowns! Amanda Overmeyer has turned out to be a major bust :(

Candice Marie said...


ml said...

WHAT is UP with Noriega and the cardigan? And the women's pants that he wears? AND that cute little Asian girl needs to stop wearing her hair like that.
But I thought they didn't get a stylist until they were in the top 12. That's how it used to be.

LG said...

Oh maybe you are right ML, but someone is doing their hair and makeup and its terrible! The cute Asian girl should NOT have been wearing those high waisted pants!
Hays I am sad about Amanda too. She was so bad this week I was embarrassed for her.. I mean she wasnt even in tune right?

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