Monday, March 3, 2008

Soooo OVER it!

Let me just say, that I am SO OVER IT. SO over people showing up late or not showing up at all , or things ordered suddenly becoming back ordered or unavailable etc..
What I can't figure out, is HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? RAh to the RAH
The master shower that we have been working on forever, well I sat here starving to death waiting on that dude to show up for about 3 or 4 hours, then he rebuilt the shower floor, using the wrong color grout. Then we ordered a custom made shower door. The glass for it didn't come in the first week, or the next week, and then finally it comes in, we get to shower in it, and guess what. The dang thing doesnt drain. So we are showering and taking a bath at the same time. The guy to fix that is, of coarse in Texas for the next week...
The fireplace logs, ordered, took 2 weeks for them to come in and be delivered. (whatev) then they call me on Friday to say that the logs I ordered are "unavailable till end of March, and would I like to wait or pick another log" I mean.... Why do they sell the dang log if they don't have it? That is a very good question.
Then today, the last straw, the couch peeps called to say that they are no longer delivering the couch on Thursday as promised, SINCE I PAID FOR IT OVER 2 WEEKS AGO.. remember the super annoying salesman I had to deal with? Anyway, they said they cant get it till March 27th... and I am all well just sell me the one on the floor, and they said no, so I said just shove it. UGH
We have 3 sets of visitors this month and we need a dang couch, I was in the fabric store to buy pillow fabric when they called. and please let me just tell you WHY the sofa is late. The manufacturer cant find the fabric for those hideous lime green throw pillows !!! I said Who cares I hate the pillows just let me buy the couch and they STILL WONT SELL ME THE COUCH. What a STUPID business move.I could go on and on about the couch but I will spare ya'll and just say I will never be shopping with American Signature Furniture again.
... Its a stupid thing to sell what you don't have. It's also very annoying to pay for something like that in advance and count down the days and then be completely disappointed when it is a no show.
So today,.. I am angry, but tomorrow I will resolve by shopping for a new couch all over again. DRAT


Julie Bray said...

I'm sorry about your couch issues! You know your guests are there to visit with you, not sit on your couch so get exactly what you want and we can sit on the floor in the mean time!

Courtney said...

just another manic monday...sorry peeps arent coming thru for you!!

grizaham said...

We are not get the Gas Logs either! Thats crazy! It will be hot by the time they get here. And that couch situation is ridiculous. They should get jailtime.

Kyle said...

I've come to understand that people just don't care about people anymore. They just care about sales and numbers and not about if the customer is actually satisfied. Erik should start taking up the hobby of woodwork and then he could build you all of your furniture.

LG said...

KP you are so right! I will ask Erik to take some wood classes! HA
I wrote their home office A LONg letter last night quoting their website "promises"

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