Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes I wonder...

Do ya'll ever get weird adds on Myspace/Facebook? I mean , what is the point of all that I wonder? I frequently have the strangest people requesting to be my friend, and I wonder what are they thinking? I always look at their pages cause I am just nosy like that, and also to make sure I dont actually know them from somewhere. Tonight I had 2 different strangers
1 chick named Carla who lives in Bham and loves Harleys, she also appears to be 10 or 15 years my senior so what in the world would we have in common or why would she send me a request?
Just in general I have some odd requests and since I dont blog on those sites I don't understand what they are interested in..
I know this happens to everyone so any ideas as to what they are thinking? Or do any of you go around adding strangers? ha If so please explain why! ha. I guess it doesnt really matter but I always wonder about that when I check my Myspace Account.
Now, "Michigan", whoever you are, please take no offense to this, as you are no longer a stranger. You are like blogger family! ha this is strictly a myspace phenomena


Super Scory said...

I get these too from time to time, but it is probably because we are both so cool ;) who wouldn't want to be your friend??

Kyle said...

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that since she likes Harley's, she also probably enjoys female companionship.

grizaham said...

I never get those on FaceBook.. Myspace totally sucks now. War Preds.

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