Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shout Outs, News, Random Thoughts.....

First Off - I would like to give a shout out to Anna Cate Little in Bham! Great that you are reading and commenting! 5 Gold stars for you my friend!
Lori Chandler! So glad you are reading!! Keep it up and start commenting! I feel like I already know you through Court or MarshallColquett so we must meet in real life! Perhaps this weekend when I am in Funroeville for Rachel's wedding? or a weekend at The Caribe. Yes lets talk David and Mike into putting us up in the Caribe for a long (FREE) weekend! ha

Next up: the blog look! I have hired a designer to make me over! Very excited about this and she has GREAt, let me emphasis, GREAT rates for such a task so I will be talking ALL about her soon! BE on the look out for the cuteness!

MAMA Cary has quite Smoking. This is HUGE peeps. Mama Cary I am soooo excited and proud! I will blog about you all by yourself shortly. But you need a shout out right!? LUVS

Comments are strugglin peeps. What up? Let us hear you! You know we love that! Thanks to those who comment frequently (LCD, Gwynneth, Mama Cary, Hazer, Rowelak, Samantha)
Lizzy, no words for the hills last night? Coco? type your rant girl! All of you guys have given me either lots of giggles or lots of useful info with those comments! Thanks!
Numbers are up on readings! .. and that is GOOD.

The Kelton's are havin a BABY. Congrats Guys!

Subscriptions: Welcome to the March Subscribers: Lynn, Nic Hindman, Random @ Francis.edu & Dad. Dad you are super late joining this party!!#^%&*() Lynn so glad to have you! Miss you much! Invite Jenn to Join! I emailed a lot of you tonight about subscribing, simply b/c having a head count helps me in my writings!

Our brand new ONE MONTH OLD dishwasher is broken again. Just thought ya'll would want to know. This will be the 3rd service call since we got it in Feb. Rock on Frigidaire right?


grizaham said...

Looking forward to some breakfasts in monroevilles!
Good news about the Dishwasher is that we get a brand new one and a different model at that!

Lindsey said...

i'm like you....i LOVE comments!

sorry about the dishwasher.

i might just want a bloggy make over so i may be checking out this chick.

Lori C. said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love the blog - your dad and courtney told me about it and I have been reading it every day for the past 2 months. Keep the great posts coming!

We definitely need to meet and hang out. Courtney always has such great things to say about you. Let's try to hang out the next time you are home and you start working on "SMC" about a girls weekend at the beach! :)

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