Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recycled T-shirts!

Snugs has more T-shirts than anyone I know! Seriously.. hundreds. So after moving all those boxes of T-shirts he doesn't even wear I thought it was time to recycle them. He kind of freaked out a little bit when he saw me in the living room amidst a big pile of shirts with scissors gettin busy, but he got plenty of laughs watching me try on the horrid pajama pants I *attempted* to make from recycled T-shirts.
You can click here for an idea of what I was going for. Sadly mine turned out so heinous ...
So what I did come up with, was a sports blanket ( in the works see picture #1 Above)
Some grocery bags. Don't even get me started on how NO ONE should be using the plastic bags given out at the store ,any store. I will blog about that later.

Anyway, the bag you see Above. Then Ole Ralphie got a chew toy/ warriors garb. Here he is proudly modeling it for you guys.

Then Lastly, I made a Pillow. Guess who this is for? ... Not brother wade! B/c I don't think Andrea would appreciate this in their decor. I made it for BD to keep on the SSW plane! ... and I 100% expect you to use it on there no joke!


Cary said...

What a great idea! I have seen a quilt made from t-shirts but never pajama bottoms!
Love the new pictures!!

Samantha said...

Very creative! We just gave all of ours to the thrift store! ha

josh said...

i see you are still crafty.

Marlee said...

I'll have to show you in person about the pj pants is tricky! But I love the grocery bags idea! William and I don't use the plastic ones either...he thinks plastic is the devil and we don't even use ziplock or glad wrap. I'm definitely going to make some of those bags though!

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