Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Rash Returns...

and to one of it's most favorite spots.. behind my earball. You can't see it too well in the pic. sorry, but I know if I asked Erikface to take the pic he would absolutely protest! ha Anyway, it's not too ugly, but its making up for that with discomfort. What you cant see is the swollen nodule the rash is resting atop of. Right where my eye glasses sit etc so its sore and itchy and in general a pain.
And if you are wondering... yes its all my fault. I believe this is a result of me trying to use a different shampoo the other day. I get bored using my special shampoo all the time, plus I was trying to conserve as I have recently learned that NUBBS has been using this special(Expenisve) shampoo. He called me in the bathroom the other day wondering " where the conditioner in the white bottle had gone" ugh? and I am all... "since when did you start using conditioner?!" I already hide the shampoo from him but I assumed the conditioner was safe and left it out in the open.. oops. So I lied and told him that conditioner costs $60 and that seemed to scare him out of sampling things from my corner of the shower! ha

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Julie Bray said...


Sorry your rash is back! sounds very discomforting.

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