Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Trip to Bham

We are in Bham tonight at the Lewis' House. I have a hair appt in the a.m. @ MOP with Matt and then we are off to a wedding in Monroeville!
Marshall & Sarah have been doing lots f decorating on their new house and it looks GREAT. Each time we visit something has changed. This time it is new curtains, rug and sofa! In the background, just look at what Erikface is doing to my Ralphie. (I didn't even see this when taking pic)

Here is our room. New curtains in here too!
And then one of the coolest things about Marshall Wiley is his coral reefing. To the left there can see a Coral Reef Garden. He is actually growing these Live Corals to sell or trade other reefers at a "Frag swap" . Fascinating. His aquarium his gi-normous (125 Gallons).Flossie the heart breaker is having a great time with Nate the cocker spaniel. He has been following her around everywhere all night and licking her entire body.

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