Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PKN! I am so Proud...

Update on my friend Paul. He is still in Canada attending his very prestigious furniture building school. I keep telling ya'll he will be famous! Read what his teachers had to say about him on their website :

"Paul Nielsen from Evergreen Alabama gave one of the most thoughtful presentations done at our school to date. He read quotes from both Jim Krenov and David Pye and presented his beautiful table top cabinet of Doussie, China Berry, Cocobolo, Spanish Cedar and Secupera filled with delightful details to his lovely wife Robyn. Paul has the mockup of his desk complete and has begun the selecting of his material. The desk will be made of Shedua with the stand of English Brown Oak. Paul will be staying on for the summer at which time he will be building a chair for his desk. We are so pleased to have this fine young Craftsman and his wife remain with us for the summer. I very grateful to have the opportunity to work with this fine young man as he begins his journey in our craft."

Paul: If you are reading this (and you totally should be!) I still really am digging the beard! You look like a very cute wood crafter! Now send us pictures of this desk and tell what you said about Robyn in the presentation! That is soooo neato.


auhays said...

Awesome! Congrats to Paul on his skills!

grizaham said...

Everyone needs some furniture! Thanks on making it great!

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