Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ok... So maybe I have a problem...

I love boxes & bins ! I don't know why, but I am like obsessed. My momma, Erik, and Momma Cary all know this! So I thought I might start showing my boxes periodically but beforehand, I thought I would give you all a proper introduction to the box collection.

Big Plastic Bins, color coded... very fun.
Holiday Boxes, also color coded for all my Holiday Decor!
ooooo and these are my favorite type of box! From The Container Store... collapsable, cute and they come in several patterns and 3 sizes. This closet , I believe was destined to become mine as it has all these handy little built in shelves that hold boxes perfectly!
Plastic drawers.. Lots of sizes.. very helpful for organizing things... One set is the doggles dresser!
This is a really cute box, given to me by Tiny E for my birthday. Its great because its A.) a box, and B.) it has a butterfly on it! Thanks Tiny E!!


Candice Marie said...

I love all the storage boxes!

Jessica Chapman said...

what's IN all those BINs!!!

Cary said...

Okay Laura, if the truth be known, I am jealous that you are sooooooo organized and I am soooooooo unorganized! And I am with Jessica, what is in all those bins?
Oh, I love the new page and the Easter eggs!

grizaham said...

Yeah i love your organizational skills to! But you do like to leave newspapers everywhere! haha

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