Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Stuff for March.....

So, as you may have noticed I figured out how to add music to the blog! When I first started blogging I wanted "Fix You" to be the blog song as I feel like it was a theme for us last year but I never knew how to get music on here! Anyway is it annoying or cool to have music?
Also we have a new poll which I will discuss at length in another blog post as we have been battling over the thermostat in this house.
Also have the new things in the side that show what are the most popular posts and where the traffic comes from and goes to! Its really neat. I saw that on The Douglas Drama! Thanks LCD.


grizaham said...

Everyone should try to conserve energy! Music is ok but i always have on mute cause i am usually at work! War Preds

Jessica Chapman said...

music is ok if you can mute it easily and quickly if needed

Lindsey said...

don't you love the traffic widget? i love it! i like the music. good choice!

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