Monday, March 31, 2008

Monroeville Part 2: Rachel's Wedding

Rachel's wedding was fabulous. Very pretty and very unique. She had her ceremony in the old Court House on the square and the reception at the Hybart House. It was so pretty out there and I loved the way the table set up was outside. The picture below may be to small to show the detail but they were so pretty. The food was delish which Erik can tell you all about as he visited each station multiple times!

see! Pretty tables
This was our headmaster and Basketball coach Mr. Walker.. Great to see him!
The bride! I wish I had a better picture to show off her dress but it was gorgeous and fit her perfectly!
Then, Thank Goodness Erik remembered for us to take a pic together. We always forget that lately! Aren't we cute in our matchy matchy! We have accidentally matched 3 days this week. HA
It was a great time and so great to see Brent Ray, AB, Stefanie Snyder and her hubby! We had a fun time chatting and so forth at the reception. Oh and another neat feature of her wedding, she gave out homemade jelly/jams as a party favor!

See momma I made it through this whole post and I didn't even mention that dreadful nosy woman at the reception was all pryin into my personal life. Grrrrr


Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

Laura... I am also very proud that you refrained from mentioning the nosy lady.... but we all know that people from the 'ville are rude :) .. but seriously, it was great to see you and erik well as being able to catch up with other good friends and dwellers from the 'ville.. take care and keep in touch....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog mention!!!

We're so glad you guys could make it. We are soaking up some rays (and surfing the 'net) in Jamaica.


Lindsey said...

Glad you had fun!

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