Monday, March 31, 2008

Monroeville Part 1: Saturday Lunch

Well Monroeville was full of stuff all weekend long but since not everyone is interested in all of those details I will just skim over it a bit
Saturday we had a fabulous family lunch at celie's .
Anna & Richard played with the doggles LOTS. You can see how much fun FLossie was having.
My bro even showed up! He is lookin so cute these days b/c he has stopped shaving his head.
Cute Momma.
here is Nonie, my grandmother. (Isnt she pretty? I hope I am so lucky when I get older) Notice how CC is bustlin around in all the pics!
I thought my bro was gonna pose for us, but what he actually did was show me his fish. HA he caught these before lunch Saturday. Pretty aren't they.....
Then, after lunch, AC and Richard took Erik and I on the golf cart to go collect chicken eggs. This was HILARIOUS. I love watching Erikface get thrown into country things like that, because its always so funny. I am sure you can imagine... trying to talk Erik into sticking his hand into a chicken coup UNDER a chicken.. ha smell and all... Good stuff.
Erik's Nemesis.
We ended the day with a mean game of Tennis then off to Rachel's wedding!


auhays said...

Why is that chicken Erik's nemesis??? Does he have a phobia of chickens?

SarahL said...

I'm sure Erik and the chickens is about as funny as Marshall and the horses. I wish I had a video of him trying to ride the horse. Hysterical!

Marlee said...

I love how Anna has named all of the chickens. I'm sure she told yall the names of them all!

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