Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Weekend was a Blast!

Last weekend was so busy and so fun, but we must recap now that I have all my pictures together! I am tempted to put up a slideshow so you guys can see all of them! Below is Matt & Scott at Rumba! We ate there Saturday night and it was so fun and yummy!

Here are Courtney and I with my new eyelashes (at Rumba) ha.. Courtney just got "the most fierce haircut of her life) Matt I sent you a pic (did you get it?) Coco Send me a pic of it for the blog and be careful going home to Funroeville this weekend! Actually I should probably do a while article on you and your many hairstyles.
Oh and also Matt fixed my hair this night all 70's feathered Goldie Hawn style and I LOVED it was so fun and having great hair does make you feel 10 times prettier! Its unfortunate that all I know how to do is make a bun! Nonie , you would have been especially proud of how much hairspray and makeup I had on that night! (My Nonie likes the fierceness)
This is one of my fav dishes "Ceviche" and few places get it right. AT rumba they offer 4 types all of which you see below.
And here we are late night Friday. We had sooo much fun this night and we also met up with Candace (who Matt has Dubbed"gwynneth") and Liz! We had a large time.


Candice Marie said...

I HAD A BLAST! Need to see you guys more often! So excited I finally made the blog! (Even if you did spell my name wrong!) Come to Bham and lets do it again!

Candice Marie said...


LG said...

GAh I cant beleive I mispelled your name. I know 4 candis's and all of you spell it different!

matthill said...

so much fun!!! and i love courtneys new do!!!

Cary said...

Wow, you look ready for the red carpet Sat. night! Ane what is ceviche?

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