Saturday, March 8, 2008

Iphone is Ready for 3rd Party Apps!

Apple promised to release SDK (Software Development Kit) in February, but instead postponed till March 6th.
You can watch the Keynotes Video HERE
This is great news because now every nerd in the world can develop cool software and games for the iphone which you will likely be able to download for FREE online or via a special Itunes App.
This is VERY awesome news!
A few words from Polar Bear Farm:
Today's announcements from Apple are truly industry revolutionising. This is the biggest announcement in the computer industry since Apple introduced the Macintosh to the world in 1984.
The platform, and tools announced by Apple today are light years ahead of any other mobile platform. If there were any doubts that the iPhone will become the dominant mobile platform of the future, today's announcements have absolutely squashed them. Apple has just changed the face of the mobile industry forever, and indirectly this announcement will change the face of desktop computing forever.

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grizaham said...

Looking forward to it

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