Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Iphone: 3rd Party Applications

Obviously, non iphoners will want to skip this post...

I have been playing with my 3rd Party Apps for about a week now and loving it! It was very easy to install the program right onto my iphone and from there I can add things like a Free ringtone maker, that uses songs in my itunes library, or a zoom for the iphone camera!
So I will begin reviewing this applications bit by but for those who would like to try them out. If you are too skeered, then you will have to wait till June for the official release.

So for those that want to know:Iphone 3rd Party App Reviews

Lockbox - Doesnt retain any of my information. You type it it, it all looks good , so you exit out . Once you try to reopen the app and sign in it shows NOTHING like you never typed anything in. This is a trend with a lot of applications I have tried so i am starting to think its user error. ha Maybe I am missing something. Icon looks great on the homescreen though

MPG - Love this program. Helps keep up with mileage , gas, and servicing of your car. you can have more than one on there. Great concept, easy to use, I wish the homescreen icon where a square like all the others. I like the design, just prefer my buttons to all look symmetrical

PocketMoney- Almost the same review as MPG. Great concept, works well , easy to use, and i hate the homescreen icon

PhotoDial - Cool idea, slow running though. I think this app needs some work before it will ever be functional. One great thing they could add would be to keep contacts in same order when importing or at least alphabetical. as is they are all random so its hard to find who you are looking for! Homescreen looks nice and is still pretty symmetrical even though its round!

Sendsong - Awesome just like always has been. Great way to get free ringtones using songs in your Itunes Library or to email songs from your itunes library right from your phone.

Feel free to comment with any questions.

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grizaham said...

In all honestly those programs rule babe! The iPhone is like the wheel.. Life will be so much easier now... Thanks Mr. Jobs.

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