Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doggles Have a Playdate!

Saturday night was really interesting and fun! The Pulfrey's came over with their dogson, Jack. Jack is a long haired weener dog, and soo cute. I had a long haired weener dog from about 5th grade to college and he was a great dog. I had weener dogs all growing up really, but since then have come to despise them as most are mean and barkety. I just learned last night from Jill, that basically long haired weener dogs are another breed. Their demeanor etc is much MUCH more pleasant than your average short hair weener dog b/c they are bread with spaniels. This was very evident in little Jacko. So I say all this, bc maybe you were like me and didn't know that! He was the cutest little pup and so sweet with very silky hair and he does this REALLY funny thing, he "suckles" on stuff, like a child would a pacifier except he does it to toys or blankets etc. It was so funny! I have a video I may have to post later.
Anyway, both my pups loved Jack, but Floss had a bog crush on him and was kind of obcessed.
Here they are with their bones..
and again! look how cute!

And then there was ALOT of this behavior. I know mom is wincing at this, but don't worry momma! I gave her the speech about how girls DONT pursue boys or call them on the phone and stuff like that. Most of the night she was latched onto his back end with her paws and he would try to run away and be dragging her behind him like a little trailer. It was so funny!

We all had a great time catching up and playing with our dogs and stuff! I totally tried to talk Alan and Jill into getting another dogchild AND iphones! ha


grizaham said...

SO funny! WIsh i could have seen that!

Anonymous said...

Yes Eric, Flossie is quite the promiscuous little will definitely need to watch out for her in her teen years! She is somewhat forward and not shy with her emotions towards Jack!!! Who, by the way, has been wiped out and exhausted for two days after giving Floss a piggy back ride all night! Laura, I hope you think that Jack is a little sweetie dachshund and that your skewed thoughts of the breed have changed!! Thanks again for letting us bring him over and sharing your bones with him!! Hope we can have another doggie playdate again soon!! Jill

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