Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Decline of Customer Service in America!

Here you see my snugs getting great customer service. It didnt come easy though! This was after many tries earlier Friday morning when we were suit shopping for him! I thought to myself oh yeah, suit shopping, no problem, those things are expensive = big commision = great service. .... Ugh NOT. SO. MUCH.
One of our stops was Banana Republic. I know, I know, the are not a "Suit Store" but they do in fact sell suits, so I expect them to have somewhat of a knowledge base or desire to sell them. That was mistake Number 1. The guy I talked to, who had on a horrible outfit indeed, was so not interested in helping us whatsoever, offering us any advice or talking in general. The Most he did in that 45 minutes was walk to the back to check for Snubs' Size. That was it. UGh I was pretty irritated, cause I like their suits and thought that would be easy.
Next Stop, Brooks Brothers. Worth.Every.Penny. Mostly women working there, all knew TONS and were helping us like it was their life's mission. In addition, our main girl was really attractive, which was helpful when she went to pulling, tugging and commenting on Erik's preference of sagging his pants. At one point, I was laughing so hard I was crying, which was really irritating to Snugs as he stood all pinned up and center of attention, but I just could not help myself. (sorry snuggle buggle).
Being that this sales woman's clothes were very perfectly fitted to her, I was totally confident in her abilities to fit Snugs in a new suit! I cant wait to see it!
But I say all this to say, Customer Service is basically DEAD in America, and you know what ? It's our own fault. 98% of Americans want the fast and cheap and will choose that over quality and service any day. I myself, am just as guilty as anyone. I mean, purchasing non OEM cell phone chargers from China and things of the like are a prime example of how this all came to be.
It has affected me greatly in my online store. It is very clear that it matters not to people if their item is authentic , real, or quality, just that it looks a certain way and they pay a certain and VERY cheap price. Its pathetic really. And so no wonder these stores have bitter employees who pay very little attention to the buyer and know very little about their product.
We have become "Ameri-Mart" which is America with a Wal-Mart Approach to commerce. It has gotten so bad that the few times I have actually recieved good or helpful service I have sat down and written a letter to that store to let them know how GREAT it was! ha
I don't know what the slution is to this other than to really try and buy American, but as for my store. I beleive I am no longer going to carry High End Brands and start selling cheaper "of the moment" type clothes.


Julie said...

Oh yes, good store! Lulu gets ALL of his suits at Jos.A Bank, which is also pretty excellent with customer service. Not cheap, but you've got to spend money for quality products!

Jessica Chapman said...

D goes to Jo. A Bank too, but knows his size, so orders online, because the store in Bham didn't have great service (but I think some do). A good place to buy a suit is also Saks or Nordstrom, or a local men's store, but pricey!

LG said...

Dang! Why didnt I think of JosABAnk? Next time I shall. I just cant spend that kind of money with anyone who blatantly refuses to help when shopping. Grrrrrr

grizaham said...

that guy in Banana was about 6 feet tall and weighed 75 lbs.. it was soooooo funny!
Brooks Bros did it up right.. War Eagle the Bros..

Marty said...

I was at BR recently to buy a blazer and the staff was extremely helpful in trying to ensure I had the right fit. I think you just stumbled upon a sh!tty employee, or a BR whose mgmt is lame, or both. Nonetheless, I think I puked in my mouth after I read the word "snugs" for the 7th time in one paragraph.

Courtney said...

JosA Bank is where it's at. Trent gets all his stuff there, and they are super helpful. AND once they measure you they'll order any color or style you want.

Super Scory said...

I am sure the Brooks Brothers employees get way higher commission and that is what it boils down to $$$$. Sad, but when buying a premium product only accept premium customer service! It's demanded of me on a daily basis, so I better get mine when the time comes around!! :)

Erik looks Fierce though! ;)

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