Monday, March 24, 2008

Brought To you by Marshall Lewis: STOP Junk Mail!

I think this is kinda hilarious.. according to this website you can use these pre-paid stamps on junk mail to send them a Brick... and a strong message. HA I think Lucky Magazine deserves a brick cause they are driving me BONKERS yo.


Dear Bulk Mailer,

Please find attached to your no-postage-necessary envelope, this brick. I figured with all these great junk mails you send me every month, you'd like something in return! I know it costs twenty cents for every ounce I mail to you, so I hope it doesn't weigh too much more than an ounce. PLEASE STOP CREATING WASTE.

-Resident or Homeowner

Kudos To Marshall for sending that out! Now if we can just get him to comment on the blog more than twice a year... hmmmmm


grizaham said...

Hmm, lets try it. Somebody it?? But what if i like junk mail???

lewis said...

make it three!
Ok so if erik likes junk mail can we just send bricks to you?

grizaham said...

Well, i think i may like the send the brick to the junk mailer idea better! Does it work!?!

Lizzy said...


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