Monday, March 31, 2008

Book Recommendations?

Hey I need a good book or 2 for our trip. Any recommendations? It needs to start pretty quickly and be really good and fun to read! Comment with suggestions if you guys have any! Thanks!

Get Your Spring On!

Thanks to LP, you can go to THIS SITE and print out these super helpful guides for Spring Cleaning.
There is also another site called "Fly Lady" who teaches you how and when to clean your house and what to focus on each week. Pretty Neat. You can see her site HERE.
You can sign up for her email reminders/newsletters.
Happy Cleaning!

Monroeville Part 2: Rachel's Wedding

Rachel's wedding was fabulous. Very pretty and very unique. She had her ceremony in the old Court House on the square and the reception at the Hybart House. It was so pretty out there and I loved the way the table set up was outside. The picture below may be to small to show the detail but they were so pretty. The food was delish which Erik can tell you all about as he visited each station multiple times!

see! Pretty tables
This was our headmaster and Basketball coach Mr. Walker.. Great to see him!
The bride! I wish I had a better picture to show off her dress but it was gorgeous and fit her perfectly!
Then, Thank Goodness Erik remembered for us to take a pic together. We always forget that lately! Aren't we cute in our matchy matchy! We have accidentally matched 3 days this week. HA
It was a great time and so great to see Brent Ray, AB, Stefanie Snyder and her hubby! We had a fun time chatting and so forth at the reception. Oh and another neat feature of her wedding, she gave out homemade jelly/jams as a party favor!

See momma I made it through this whole post and I didn't even mention that dreadful nosy woman at the reception was all pryin into my personal life. Grrrrr

Monroeville Part 1: Saturday Lunch

Well Monroeville was full of stuff all weekend long but since not everyone is interested in all of those details I will just skim over it a bit
Saturday we had a fabulous family lunch at celie's .
Anna & Richard played with the doggles LOTS. You can see how much fun FLossie was having.
My bro even showed up! He is lookin so cute these days b/c he has stopped shaving his head.
Cute Momma.
here is Nonie, my grandmother. (Isnt she pretty? I hope I am so lucky when I get older) Notice how CC is bustlin around in all the pics!
I thought my bro was gonna pose for us, but what he actually did was show me his fish. HA he caught these before lunch Saturday. Pretty aren't they.....
Then, after lunch, AC and Richard took Erik and I on the golf cart to go collect chicken eggs. This was HILARIOUS. I love watching Erikface get thrown into country things like that, because its always so funny. I am sure you can imagine... trying to talk Erik into sticking his hand into a chicken coup UNDER a chicken.. ha smell and all... Good stuff.
Erik's Nemesis.
We ended the day with a mean game of Tennis then off to Rachel's wedding!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some BEFORE & AFTER shots of HEidi..

I just think so was so much cuter BEFORE the new boobs, nose & Lips... what do you guys think?

Quick Trip to Bham

We are in Bham tonight at the Lewis' House. I have a hair appt in the a.m. @ MOP with Matt and then we are off to a wedding in Monroeville!
Marshall & Sarah have been doing lots f decorating on their new house and it looks GREAT. Each time we visit something has changed. This time it is new curtains, rug and sofa! In the background, just look at what Erikface is doing to my Ralphie. (I didn't even see this when taking pic)

Here is our room. New curtains in here too!
And then one of the coolest things about Marshall Wiley is his coral reefing. To the left there can see a Coral Reef Garden. He is actually growing these Live Corals to sell or trade other reefers at a "Frag swap" . Fascinating. His aquarium his gi-normous (125 Gallons).Flossie the heart breaker is having a great time with Nate the cocker spaniel. He has been following her around everywhere all night and licking her entire body.

New Polls! Vote Now

Yes, that's right! NOt one but TWO polls! ha SO make sure you vote. I am just mildly curious what the biggest issue for voting on a new president is. Personally I cant get past the tax thing... i mean I'm selfish like that...
Also I wonder about this new font size, I feel like all the blogs look so long it may scare away certain (male) readers? thought?
Poll Results on Barak's Racist Preacher :
13% are not gonna vote for him because of that
23% felt it was overplayed by the media
23% felt it was irrelevant to the election
42% were never on team Barak to start with
2% are still Team Barak

Then End of Smoking; Mama Cary's Journey!

Today, I am gonna talk about something I think is very important for people to know, but keep on mind that this is my opinion, and it doesn't work for everyone, but I feel it needs much more publicity! CHANTIX.
If you don't know what it is, it is a prescription drug that inhibits your nicotine receptors so that when you smoke, your brain isn't getting the nicotine, just the nasty cigarette. For those if you who think you love smoking (myself included) its not the smoking that you love, its the addiction to nicotine and you just cant know that till you are over it. I am in no way, preaching or judging anyone who smokes, I am just sharing b/c I really enjoy being over it now, and Mama Cary has been emailing me about her new found freedom as well so I thought, well dang we need to discuss outloud. I was always very embarrassed to be a smoker, and hated having to leave the room, party, dinner, etc to "enjoy" a cigarette and I love being able to live life without ever worrying about that now. Truth is I don't think I ever even think about it anymore, which is weird.
Anyway, When I started taking Chantix Erikhead was outraged. He detests that Americans always want the easy way out and want a pill for everything and I said well, you can have a smoker or you can support me as I try to quit. PICK. ha and he got over it. It really did work for me. I only took it once a day as opposed to the twice a day, and it does not come without side effects. For the first 2 weeks it makes you really sleepy, sick to your stomach, and always gives you crazy dreams. I actually miss those crazy dreams ha. but its worth it.
Mama Cary is currently taking it and she has a quit counter on her computer, which I think is great reinforcement!
"i use Harry's Quit Counter. it is really cool when you hit a milestone and it pops up on the screen (like being quit 1 month or adding a day to your life, etc.)"

Here are her current Stats:

I have been nicotine free for 2 months, 11 days, and 8 hours.
I have not smoked 2498 death sticks.
I have saved $357.01
I have saved 8 days, 16 hours, and 10 minutes of my life.

Pretty awesome! Also FYI. Mama Cary = Susannah JENKINS Edwards momma. So lets all pat her on the back today as I am thrilled for her!
Anyway who has questions feel free to ask me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recycled T-shirts!

Snugs has more T-shirts than anyone I know! Seriously.. hundreds. So after moving all those boxes of T-shirts he doesn't even wear I thought it was time to recycle them. He kind of freaked out a little bit when he saw me in the living room amidst a big pile of shirts with scissors gettin busy, but he got plenty of laughs watching me try on the horrid pajama pants I *attempted* to make from recycled T-shirts.
You can click here for an idea of what I was going for. Sadly mine turned out so heinous ...
So what I did come up with, was a sports blanket ( in the works see picture #1 Above)
Some grocery bags. Don't even get me started on how NO ONE should be using the plastic bags given out at the store ,any store. I will blog about that later.

Anyway, the bag you see Above. Then Ole Ralphie got a chew toy/ warriors garb. Here he is proudly modeling it for you guys.

Then Lastly, I made a Pillow. Guess who this is for? ... Not brother wade! B/c I don't think Andrea would appreciate this in their decor. I made it for BD to keep on the SSW plane! ... and I 100% expect you to use it on there no joke!

Better Than Everyone Else.

HIs Billy JEan blew me away! I also liked my Aussie guy too! Brooke's hair looks so much cuter straight I think but her song was not too great.
Comments on your Fav?

What About This Makeover?!?!?

WOWSERS for real ya'll! I am super excited about the new look of the blog, and as much as I would love to take the credit, I will admit I hired a "blog-maker-overer -girl" SO serious. She is a brilliant woman who put her hobby/skills to work right from her home so she can stay home with her 3 children. She was also smart enough to have a perfect price point for her market and is in all kinds of demand and still she works FAST. So in the right margin you will see a "button" which links directly to her site in case you just decided you needed a blog makeover too.
Support Stay at Home Moms and do it!...or sit there for 3 bazillion hours writing code and learning css. Ha
Also check out my other site which is SO pretty!

Blog Designer Shauna

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Decline of Customer Service in America!

Here you see my snugs getting great customer service. It didnt come easy though! This was after many tries earlier Friday morning when we were suit shopping for him! I thought to myself oh yeah, suit shopping, no problem, those things are expensive = big commision = great service. .... Ugh NOT. SO. MUCH.
One of our stops was Banana Republic. I know, I know, the are not a "Suit Store" but they do in fact sell suits, so I expect them to have somewhat of a knowledge base or desire to sell them. That was mistake Number 1. The guy I talked to, who had on a horrible outfit indeed, was so not interested in helping us whatsoever, offering us any advice or talking in general. The Most he did in that 45 minutes was walk to the back to check for Snubs' Size. That was it. UGh I was pretty irritated, cause I like their suits and thought that would be easy.
Next Stop, Brooks Brothers. Worth.Every.Penny. Mostly women working there, all knew TONS and were helping us like it was their life's mission. In addition, our main girl was really attractive, which was helpful when she went to pulling, tugging and commenting on Erik's preference of sagging his pants. At one point, I was laughing so hard I was crying, which was really irritating to Snugs as he stood all pinned up and center of attention, but I just could not help myself. (sorry snuggle buggle).
Being that this sales woman's clothes were very perfectly fitted to her, I was totally confident in her abilities to fit Snugs in a new suit! I cant wait to see it!
But I say all this to say, Customer Service is basically DEAD in America, and you know what ? It's our own fault. 98% of Americans want the fast and cheap and will choose that over quality and service any day. I myself, am just as guilty as anyone. I mean, purchasing non OEM cell phone chargers from China and things of the like are a prime example of how this all came to be.
It has affected me greatly in my online store. It is very clear that it matters not to people if their item is authentic , real, or quality, just that it looks a certain way and they pay a certain and VERY cheap price. Its pathetic really. And so no wonder these stores have bitter employees who pay very little attention to the buyer and know very little about their product.
We have become "Ameri-Mart" which is America with a Wal-Mart Approach to commerce. It has gotten so bad that the few times I have actually recieved good or helpful service I have sat down and written a letter to that store to let them know how GREAT it was! ha
I don't know what the slution is to this other than to really try and buy American, but as for my store. I beleive I am no longer going to carry High End Brands and start selling cheaper "of the moment" type clothes.

Symbaloo... It's Good Stuff

This above is a screen shot of my personal Symbaloo. I have talked about this before, but apparently it missed the radar as many people have expressed interest since then when they see my home page.
What it is, basically, is a home page full of bookmarks, that you select yourself. Mine is mostly blogs. you can see the top row is sites that I go to every day like bank, ebay, etc.. then all those orange and white ones are blogs. .that way i can just go down the row and check everyone's bloggle. Snugs also logs into my account when he is at work so he can read blogs etc. Anyway if you go to Symbaloo and sign up its free, and its a great way to have your bookmarks readily available no matter what computer you are using.

Shout Outs, News, Random Thoughts.....

First Off - I would like to give a shout out to Anna Cate Little in Bham! Great that you are reading and commenting! 5 Gold stars for you my friend!
Lori Chandler! So glad you are reading!! Keep it up and start commenting! I feel like I already know you through Court or MarshallColquett so we must meet in real life! Perhaps this weekend when I am in Funroeville for Rachel's wedding? or a weekend at The Caribe. Yes lets talk David and Mike into putting us up in the Caribe for a long (FREE) weekend! ha

Next up: the blog look! I have hired a designer to make me over! Very excited about this and she has GREAt, let me emphasis, GREAT rates for such a task so I will be talking ALL about her soon! BE on the look out for the cuteness!

MAMA Cary has quite Smoking. This is HUGE peeps. Mama Cary I am soooo excited and proud! I will blog about you all by yourself shortly. But you need a shout out right!? LUVS

Comments are strugglin peeps. What up? Let us hear you! You know we love that! Thanks to those who comment frequently (LCD, Gwynneth, Mama Cary, Hazer, Rowelak, Samantha)
Lizzy, no words for the hills last night? Coco? type your rant girl! All of you guys have given me either lots of giggles or lots of useful info with those comments! Thanks!
Numbers are up on readings! .. and that is GOOD.

The Kelton's are havin a BABY. Congrats Guys!

Subscriptions: Welcome to the March Subscribers: Lynn, Nic Hindman, Random @ & Dad. Dad you are super late joining this party!!#^%&*() Lynn so glad to have you! Miss you much! Invite Jenn to Join! I emailed a lot of you tonight about subscribing, simply b/c having a head count helps me in my writings!

Our brand new ONE MONTH OLD dishwasher is broken again. Just thought ya'll would want to know. This will be the 3rd service call since we got it in Feb. Rock on Frigidaire right?

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week: The Beatles

With all the Beatles craze on AI this season I thought this would be appropriate!

Me trying to Order a dress today:

Word for Word:

Me: I would like to order item # xx-xxxx.
Her : Ok
Her: we also have a bright blue clutch that would go perfectly with this dress
Me: No thank you
Her: well i dont know if you noticed this on the web but we also have a deal on t-shirts 20% off and the ncie thing about that is you can choose 2 different styles. Its a great way to add some color to your wardrobe and we are gonna be seeing alot of color this summer orange yellow etc
Me: No thank you. I only want the dress
Her: Ok well great news laura, you qualify for the VS Angels card.. where you can blah blah blah
ME: (cutting her off ) NO THANK YOU<> I ONLY . WANT. THE . DRESS
Her: Oh, no problem. We have this other thing where you will get 30$ in rebates for the Victoria's Secret ....
Her: Ok. What is your card number.

Geesh already. No wonder I like to shop online. People are CRAZY

PKN! I am so Proud...

Update on my friend Paul. He is still in Canada attending his very prestigious furniture building school. I keep telling ya'll he will be famous! Read what his teachers had to say about him on their website :

"Paul Nielsen from Evergreen Alabama gave one of the most thoughtful presentations done at our school to date. He read quotes from both Jim Krenov and David Pye and presented his beautiful table top cabinet of Doussie, China Berry, Cocobolo, Spanish Cedar and Secupera filled with delightful details to his lovely wife Robyn. Paul has the mockup of his desk complete and has begun the selecting of his material. The desk will be made of Shedua with the stand of English Brown Oak. Paul will be staying on for the summer at which time he will be building a chair for his desk. We are so pleased to have this fine young Craftsman and his wife remain with us for the summer. I very grateful to have the opportunity to work with this fine young man as he begins his journey in our craft."

Paul: If you are reading this (and you totally should be!) I still really am digging the beard! You look like a very cute wood crafter! Now send us pictures of this desk and tell what you said about Robyn in the presentation! That is soooo neato.

Storage in New York?!?!?

Though I dont live in NYC, I have plenty of readers that do! Juliel sent me this really neat email this morning from The Daily Candy.
It is all about a new Butler Storage Service for those small living quarters in New York! Its great and affordable. Great way to store your out of season wardrobe ... stuff like that!
You can read about it here

Monday, March 24, 2008

Brought To you by Marshall Lewis: STOP Junk Mail!

I think this is kinda hilarious.. according to this website you can use these pre-paid stamps on junk mail to send them a Brick... and a strong message. HA I think Lucky Magazine deserves a brick cause they are driving me BONKERS yo.


Dear Bulk Mailer,

Please find attached to your no-postage-necessary envelope, this brick. I figured with all these great junk mails you send me every month, you'd like something in return! I know it costs twenty cents for every ounce I mail to you, so I hope it doesn't weigh too much more than an ounce. PLEASE STOP CREATING WASTE.

-Resident or Homeowner

Kudos To Marshall for sending that out! Now if we can just get him to comment on the blog more than twice a year... hmmmmm

Knit you Some!

SO I got this cool surprise in the mail! Its a hand- made , one of a kind, knitted beret! I have wanted one ever since I saw my Emily wearing a cute brown one in some family pics ( see Kevin I totally wanna link to that pic now,.. But I didn't since you are a privacy Nazi)

Anyways, "Knit you Some" sent me a promotional copy! Thank you!! She will make you one too (maybe, ....if you ask nicely ....and send $38.95).
She has a pretty Nifty Blog too. You can read it HERE

Flossie Meditating .....

So She Ain't Mad!!

Ya'll!! Watching "The Hills" right now and am blown away at how MEAN Heidi is being to SPencer! YAAAAAA Heidi! Its about time girl! Da Da DA DAng! HA

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Top 10 Accessories for the Iphone

Click HERE to watch the slideshow from

I cant say I completely Agree with it so maybe I will compile my own soon!

Places to Shop for the Iphone

some people have emailed me about where to buy this or that so here is a little list!

Everything ICafe


BoxWave (this site actually has " bundles" which is a great way to save $)

You'll Never Guess Who Came To Our House Today!!

Nubbles ordered me an Easter Basket delivered by GNASH and The Easter Bunny! It was pretty awesome.
About 30 Secs prior to the visit... this is what I was doing!... (which is why I look so gross in my pic! ha)

Granpa's Corner: Money Managment

I got to wondering how did our country come to have such a problem with home mortgages and charge card balances?

I got to wondering if most of us have taken the time to look at our lives and to develop for ourselves specific goals that we would like to accomplish. What kind of plans have we put into motion to realize those goals?

I guess that when we are single and we don't seem to have responsibilities to anyone but ourself - we tend to feel invincible and no need to plan for emergencies. When we marry we assume responsibilities for the success of the union and the need for goals and planning is greater. When we create a new life (babies) we assume more responsibility and the need for goals and planning becomes greater.

I wonder if many people who wish to set up a retirement fund, an emergency fund, a school fund follow the need to "pay yourself first" advice? One needs to be able, if possible, to distinguish between their wants and their needs. For example. Why do you have a wrist watch? To tell time, of course. However, a Timex will keep time just like a Rolex, however it isn't as satisfying to our ego. The same applies to our house, car, clothes, etc. and requires in most cases small sacrifices to reach the planned goals we set up.

One of the things I found useful was not to buy things I could not pay for within 30 days or for cash (does not include large ticket items like a home, car, etc). When I was getting started I bought a washing machine on time with payments of $25 per month. The drive shaft bent and I couldn't afford to get it fixed and the darn machine just sat there, useless, while I kept making the payments. Taught me a lesson, see the above.

If you can set up goals and plans be careful to have realistic ones, things you can accomplish without severe stress. If you have a marriage partner be sure you both understand and agree as to what you want to accomplish and how you intend to do it. It is absolutely necessary for both partners to agree on monetary matters for any plans to succeed.

It looks like cutting back on our lifestyle is going to be a way of life for a lot of us as the conditions in the country weaken.

Good luck.

Granpa Graham

Hoppy Easter Everybody!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Today was Flea Market Day!

Perhaps I will go back tomorrow and take Stevie! He loves it there. Erik had to tear me away from all the puppies I was so close to adopting! We will wait till June and then I think go for DOg Child #3!

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