Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I have been doing today!

Well, last night was a late work night so that is why the blog didnt get much work. Today, since I got all my work done last night, I played a bit. I went to this used CD store in our new hood, still trying to recover from my Itunes Library Crash.. and well, its much cheaper to buy $5 used albums that $10 or $15 ones from Itunes that will just be lost again in another crash. I had a blast in there as you can see! And... I hate to admit but I did buy a Britney Spears album! YIKERS! But i need some ringtones for a few of my Britney fan friends (missE & matt) .. Anyway from there I went to the car wash to attempt to clean my car, and let me just tell you, for those who plan to visit us soon, you may have to wash your car while you are here! Our neighborhood has some fierce car washes! The one I went to today, spoke both English and Sp
anish and had a wand that spits out the tri-color foam... which I love! ha.. and then of coarse I got hit up by a stranger for 85 cents to ride the bus .. and because he called me "Little Mama" while asking, I obliged the 85 Cents.

My doggles would like to say hi. They are in my lap helping write the blog while they wait for the mailman. He is ALOT of fun to bark at as he is in foot and wears cute mailman shorts.
Oh! I forgot to tell you guys that I bought the couch yesterday. After enduring the super annoying salesman they should have given it to me for free! I walked in, found the first employee I saw and told him what I wanted and etc.. and he STILL tries to sell me the couch, even though I have already stated that I plan to purchase.. He also has on an American Flag tie and like 3 different types of teeth. Not sure how that is even possible but, it is. I seriously came close to asking him to pose for a pic for the blog, while he was telling me corny joke, after corny joke, but then I realized that would just give him more things to talk about and opted out.
Anyways, we have a Hockey Game tonight so I will start showing you the latest project tomorrow, which is our Master Bathroom. We have yet to shower in the super cool shower, since it has no door! ha but that should be installed Friday. Let the fun begin~
Oh and PS
Welcome Marti and Jessica P to the Iphone cool club! That brings the grand total to 17 of us now! Yippee... Brother.. when shall you join?

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ml said...

I know that has to be annoying. I promise to never ask you for Mrs. Griza favors. Hays and I talked about picking a weekend to visit soon!

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