Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Super Annoyed....

Right now, I am super super ULTRA annoyed. In December, I sold a Juicy Suit to a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing.FYI- I consider me, selling to friends a FAVOR because I make more money selling online to strangers. Anyway, this girl bought the suit before Christmas which is my BIGGEST season of sales and it was a very popular color as well. SO I consider that sell a Big Favor.
Not long after she receives the suit she wants to return it b/c its too small. Well normally I DONT DO REFUNDS (and this is exactly why) but since she is a friend of a friend blah blah I tell her to ship it back to me. This was in DECEMBER! Do you know what just showed up on my door? A Juicy suit from DECEMBER in the middle of FEB when the seasons have changed and the colors and now I am selling terry not velour. So now I have lost ALOT of money with the suit being out of season, shipping 2 ways, the fees I had to pay to accept her credit card payment online...., all from trying to do a favor.
I am not NEIMAN MARCUS. The whole point of buying a discounted item is the discount. It doesn't come with all the luxuries of a department store like say returning 3 months late without a receipt etc etc.
Now, I know you all are not just dying to read this, but the reason that I am posting it is because this kind of thing happens from time to time, and I would just like to sort of put it out there, so that people understand the fees etc involved with what I do.
OK , Off the soapbox now. Sorry Nonie. I know you hate the rants but seriously.. dont you think that was well deserved?


grizaham said...

Girls are mean!

Lindsey said...

So sorry! I hope this situation doesn't happen again:)

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