Monday, February 11, 2008

Sometimes Ralphie (Bacon) Wonders....


hazer said...

That picture says it all!!! Meredith has motivated me to blog, so I will be contributing now...get ready for may have me beat on that though. Tell 'Rik I said 'sup

grizaham said...

You and that dog are a match made in heaven.. I have moved over as #1 (2004) and become #9.....
1. Ralph
2. Floss
3. Blog
4. Electonics (iPhone / Mac)
5. New house
6. VItamin Water
7. East Nashville
8. Juicy Couture
9. Erik

LG said...

Snubbles Erik! That list is so sad and untrue! YOu will always be my #1

auhays said...

Erik, being #9 is rough, but leaves you much room for growth! Plus, Juicy Couture should be easy to knock off #8!

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